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January 18, 2019 2 min read

The Batting Tee "The First Step in The Hitters Evolution"

Adding this training equipment to your baseball regimen could take your hitting skills to the next level.


It isn’t flashy. It isn’t modern. It isn’t even difficult. But hitting off a batting tee can be one of the most productive training exercises for hitters of any level. Instead of directing focus towards timing up live pitching or soft toss, hitters can slow everything down to focus on their mechanics. The repetitive nature of tee hitting strengthens muscle memory in a positive fashion, with each ball being positioned at the exact location.

Hitting off of a batting tee is also one exercise that can be done outside of team practice, giving players the chance to really put in the extra work to achieve that great swing. Lastly, batting with a tee can be a great time to break in new bats, especially when using wood. The consistent placement of the ball allows you to truly get a feel for your bat and find that sweet spot for proficient hitting.

As unexciting as hitting baseballs off of a batting tee can be, it is easily one of the most important tools for any baseball or softball player in regarding to developing a consistent batting approach and swing. What a tee provides more than any other drill is consistency. While the ball sits in an idle position, the player has the ability to take their time in setting themselves up and control their timing and approach. Variables are eliminated. Mechanics can be exaggerated allowing for muscle memory to take over. A consistent stance and approach leads to the player obtaining a comfort level which in turn will translate to success.