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July 17, 2017 1 min read

The benefits of having a batting tee?

  • You can take a lot of swings in a confined space.
  • You could practice perfecting your swing by keeping the ball at a consistent spot.   The baseball swing is so complex.  If you can take a major variable out of the process, you are better able to focus on the mechanics and creating positive muscle memory.
  • If you get yourself a good batting tee, it will be portable and it will not take up much space so that you can take it into your garage,  your backyard and the field.
  • You can do a ton of batting drills to focus on certain parts of your swing and hitting.  For example, if you have an issue with the low outside pitch you can set your tee to the proper height and practice hitting at that particular contact point.
  • Keep the drills fresh and use drills that will translate to in game situations.